Trauma Surgery In Siliguri

Welcome to Mohpal Nursing Home, where we offer exceptional Trauma Surgery treatment under the expert care of Dr. K. C. Mohpal.
Dr. K. C. Mohpal is a highly skilled and experienced trauma surgeon, specializing in handling critical injuries and emergencies with precision and expertise.

Trauma Surgery In Siliguri
  • With a compassionate approach, Dr. Mohpal prioritizes patient well-being and delivers personalized care to each trauma case, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
  • At Mohpal Nursing Home, our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical equipment enable us to provide timely and effective trauma surgical interventions.
  • Dr. K. C. Mohpal’s expertise covers a wide range of trauma cases, including fractures, head injuries, abdominal trauma, and complex wounds.
  • Our dedicated team of nurses and support staff work seamlessly with Dr. Mohpal to provide round-the-clock care to trauma patients.
  • We understand the urgency of trauma situations and offer 24/7 emergency services, providing immediate attention and stabilization to critical cases.
  • From assessment to post-operative care and rehabilitation, Dr. K. C. Mohpal and the team are committed to guiding patients through their healing journey.
  • Trust in Dr. K. C. Mohpal’s proficiency and the excellence of Mohpal Nursing Home for comprehensive Trauma Surgery treatment, focused on saving lives and restoring health.
  • When it comes to trauma care, rest assured that you are in expert hands with Dr. K. C. Mohpal and our dedicated team at Mohpal Nursing Home.

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