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Joint Replacement Services In Siliguri

Medical procedures that involve the replacement of damaged or dysfunctional joints with artificial implants or prostheses. These procedures are typically performed to relieve pain, improve mobility, and restore the normal function of a joint that has been affected by conditions such as arthritis, injury, or degenerative diseases

Joint Replacement Services In Siliguri

Some common types of joint replacement surgeries performed at Mohpal Nursing Home are:

  • Hip Replacement.
  • Knee replacement¬†
  • Shoulder Replacement.
  • Elbow Replacement.
  • Ankle Replacement

Consult our experts,  to discuss the specific joint issues and determine if joint replacement surgery is an appropriate treatment option.

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It is one stop treatment for all orthopedic ailments and fractures with emphasis on avoidance of complications, rapid mobilization, decreased period of confinement and an early return to normalcy.

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